Better test logs in parallel maven builds

Running Apache Maven in parallel

Apache Maven has a nice way to speed up builds by leveraging multiple CPU cores to build different modules in parallel.

$> mvn clean install -T8

will take 8 cores for your build.

More on parallel builds can be found here

Failure analysis in Jenkins

But did you ever try to use parallel builds on a huge project when running in Jenkins (or locally with | tee some.log) and something did break?

You will end up with a big mess in your log file because all the output from multiple threads end up interweaved with each other. And you have no clue to detect which log line comes from which thread – and thus you also have no clue which log line comes from which module. Doesn’t exactly make finding failures easy.

How to separate the log lines?

What I did in many of my business project to get rid of this problem is the following little hack (I’m using testng, but it’s similar in JUnit):

public final void markThreads() {
      Thread.currentThread.getId() + " - " + 

You can provide this in a base class for all your unit tests for example.
You will now get the name of the test class for each log line since the thread name gets printed out be default in all log frameworks I know.

PS: with one could also switch surefire to generate a single file per test. But that slows down the build a bit and you end up with 2500 files. And it’s rather hard to catch side effects you got from previous tests leaving over state (SHOULD not be, but such bugs happen).


Romain Manni-Bucau just pinged me whether I used some special settings to make this work. Because by default maven doesn’t log the thread names.

And indeed he is correct. I totally forgot to point this out! In the maven logging config ${MAVEN_HOME}/conf/logging/ I have enabled the following settings:


This will make Maven show you the thread names.

There is btw also another useful switch:


Which will additionally output the elapsed milli seconds for the whole build. This is really useful when hunting slow build parts.

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